US Equity Partners LLC

Daniel J. Possnack
President and Operating Manager

Mr. Possnack brings more than 25 years of experience in a broad range of categories, including real estate development, finance,
sustainable design, alternative energy, law, biotech, aerospace engineering, and electronics.  He formulated creative financing tools for several new and existing companies using asset pools designed to amortize debt instruments. He is a contract specialist, and has expertise in business strategic planning and marketing programs. He has launched startup companies in a variety of sectors including energy-efficient housing, financial services, and consumer electronics. He served as chairperson of the planning committee that created a new, master-planned community of 29,500 dwelling units in Southern California.  Mr. Possnack is a practicing arbitration judge, mediator and dispute review board panelist, for programs such as the Federal Trade Commission’s Dispute Resolution Program for auto manufacturers, and the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs-Contractor’s State License Board arbitration program for construction-related disputes. He co-founded a private K-8 school, and participates in many community-oriented and governmental organizations. He is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach, majoring in Physics, Electronics and Physical Science.  

Jay Cuccia

Vice President

Mr. Cuccia launched and successfully managed a marketing and distribution business for consumer products that achieved annual sales in excess of $10 million.  He has substantial experience in real estate development, and founded and operated a homebuilding company that developed numerous single family and multifamily units in northern California. He has managed all aspects of real estate development, including land development, construction, finance, marketing, and sub contractor administration. He also has remodeled or rebuilt over 40 homes for insurance companies due to fire damage, and has supervised the general remodeling of more than 1,000 homes.   Mr. Cuccia has raised investor capital from private individuals and institutions for his own projects in excess of $20 million. He completed a pre-professional curriculum with honors as a Chemistry major at California State University, Sacramento, CA