US Equity Partners LLC

About Us
Management Concept

USEP has a highly-experienced management team consisting of senior executives representing a broad cross-section of industries, including finance, law, real estate, construction management, banking, science/technology, and engineering.   This experience provides the Company with an expanded network of business relationships, along with valuable industry and operating insights. These insights and relationships not only enhance the quantity and quality of investment opportunities available to USEP, but also serve as a valuable resource to the Company’s strategic partners as they develop and execute growth strategies.

USEP operates as the parent of its separate operating or transactional units by providing platform services including legal and accounting, program management, and capital. This enables the Company to apply the unique resources necessary for each specific opportunity and for the achievement of successful results.
We understand the challenges associated with navigating today's business and economic environments, as all of our team members are successful entrepreneurs themselves. There is no substitute for an adviser with in-depth knowledge of the client’s industry.  We understand how difficult it can be to overcome the obstacles and pitfalls associated with identifying viable opportunities and legitimate resource providers that are capable of performing.  US Equity Partners welcomes the opportunity to apply our creative skills to your unique requirement.